Wordpress.com Vs Wordpress.org

WordPress.com Vs. Worpdress.org?


WordPress.com Vs. Worpdress.org

Now that you learned what WordPress is in my previous post, its time to take you through some of the differences between wordpress.com Vs. worpdress.org.

If you’re already installed WordPress, you may be in a dilemma trying to figure out which is which among the two, don’t worry the difference is not that big.

One major factor that separates wordpress.com and wordpress.org is whether you are hosting your blog on your own or having a web host like Hostgator do the work for you.

WordPress.com is a hosting company founded by the co-founder of wordpress.org.Therefore wordpress.org is CMS software, unlike WordPress.com which is a hosting company.

If you just starting up and have a tight budget to work with then with wordpress.org, you find most of the features free, and you are allowed to download WordPress install on your site at no cost.

WordPress.org gives you the opportunity to host your blog on your terms and your budget. You can just log into wordpress.org and download the WordPress software at no cost.

While on the other hand, WordPress.com platform caters for all the hosting for you, in fact, you need to download or install anything but just pay for hosting and wordpress.com dashboard is made available for you.

For instance I host with Hostgator, when I signed up, I was presented with many options of CMS to choose from, and I opted for WordPress,after which all the installations and configuration took only seconds since with WordPress its just click and installed.

Kelance uses wordpress.org which means being exposed to many options to choose from when it comes to WordPress themes, WordPress plugins and any other WordPress customization I may need for my blog now or in the future.

Pros and Cons of Using either WordPress.com or WordPress.org

The pros and cons of either of the two platforms depend on how you tend to use or to use them and your budget play a significant role in deciding which platform you want to use.

If you love being independent and loves self-reliance, then you would go for your own hosting company that will enable you to manage your site on your server, or if you lack the skill to undertake the management you hire someone to manage the server on your behalf, then you would go for wordpress.com.

WordPress gives you options for customizing your site and doesn’t limit you from experience and playing along with the looks and structure of your blog, unlike wordpress.org.

Some of the highlighted cons of using wordpress.com are not able to have a custom domain name unless you upgrade and choose a paid package.

Your domain name will have wordpress.com extension, e.g., yourdomainsucks.wordpress.com whereas in wordpress.org you have the pleasure to buy a customized domain name for your blog or website.
There is really no option to customize themes now wordpress.com nor can you modify the plugins or the code on your blog or site.

Wordpress.com Vs. Worpdress.org'

If you genuinely love wordpress.com and you want to try it out, then you can upgrade from free WordPress hosting plan to paid hosting package.Wordpress.com upgrade allows you to have a domain name of your choice without wordpress.com extension.

WordPress.com is enjoyable with an upgrade, but with the free plan, you won’t be able to upload videos or install a premium theme on your blog.

Most of the hosting companies have wordpress.org software to help you install and enjoy premium WordPress services. Just like I covered in the post how to start a blog in Kenya, you need to have more control of your blog, flexibility and be in charge of your blog or your site without the worry of being shut down.


WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org it all depends on what you want to achieve and your budget.Both platforms offer great features, but with an upgrade o change, you can enjoy more on either of the above mention platforms.

What’s your take on WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org? Which one do you want to start using? If you happened to have used any of the two kindly share with us your experience, challenges and what makes either of the two stick to you

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In my next post, I will cover how to log into your WordPress blog and what you need before you publish your first post.



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