What is Wordpress

What is WordPress?


What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? is a question you will be able to answer after reading this thoroughly detailed article about WordPress.You are not wrong to google the term or ask about it.

Any blogger wants to be on the know-how and understand every bit of their blog or website hence its healthy to start the journey by digging deep into the plugins, site builders and hosting you will be using.


As a blogger, you want to make WordPress your friend if you intend on using it as your hosting or your site builder.There are many options to WordPress, but nothing beats WordPress when it comes to flexibility, features and website security.

So what is WordPress?

WordPress is a user-friendly website creation or builder tool written in PHP; it’s an open source the most efficient and most comfortable potent website and blogging content management system that exists in today’s technology world.

Ever since I launched my blogging and internet marketing career WordPress is the only platform have used in all of my online blogging activities.

Why I use WordPress?

I believe in numbers and reviews, and when 90% of bloggers and website owners prefer the WordPress as their only to go content management system, I opted for it and had never been disappointed.

But, as a newbie many options presented themselves, some were free website builders, e.g., blogger,wordpress.com and others but I chose WordPress because I knew what I wanted and the goals I had for my first blog.

I wanted readers like you not only to enjoy reading but find easy to navigate through my posts, widgets, and tabs without any difficulties.
Wordpress cms provide distinctive user experience, and it reduces your blog bounce rate.

Challenges I faced with WordPress that you should not experience?

I don’t really to want to sound bias, but my experience with WordPress has been smooth, if by any chance I face any challenges then it must have been with the WordPress plugin on the dashboard which of course is not developed by WordPress.

So, in my first blog as a kenyan blogger trying to make it in the internet world, I saw the need to install every shiny WordPress plugin that I read was helping other successful bloggers out there.

The problem was I could install 3-4 WordPress plugin that does the same thing unknowingly, so my site was ever offline, or the theme was not working due to server overload and plugin scripts crisscrossing each other.

Over the years have learned to differentiate plugins and furthermore I don’t just install plugins on my blog unless its necessary.

When your blog gets crowded by too many plugins, it reduces usability on your site, and some may be distracting the readers. Hence you may end up with quality content and no engagement.

Should You Use WordPress?

The question would be why should you not use WordPress? If there is anything any blogger is looking for is right security, great features, and flexibility for their blog or website.

WordPress covers all that in one single installation you have everything that would have taken you hours or weeks to gather around since other platforms don’t can have all in one blogging features on one platform just like WordPress does.

Last week I covered some of the WordPress basics that you ought to learn before starting the blogging journey. Many tech companies use WordPress, and nearly 90% of the blogs and websites you read or follow are using WordPress.

Just like the sayings, the car in front of you is always a Toyota applies to the online world, the blog or tab in your browser window still built on WordPress including the one you were reading now.

Can you mention any top 10 blogs or website you know of in Kenya and try to figure out which one is WordPress and which one is not? The answer to that would be 8 out 10 builds on WordPress cms.

Top international media houses run their website and blogs on WordPress this includes and not limited to CNN, BBC, TechCrunch, and other famous Kenyans personalities also use WordPress as their content management system.

Just like some Kenyans love sports betting, WordPress has a vast community that rallies behind it.
There are several WordPress site showcase, which if you are ever curious, you can spare time to attend.

You will be convinced behind doubt that its the best Content management system for anyone around the world or in Kenya to try as their new cms for their first and every blog that will follow after that.

How to get started using WordPress

I believe you already read my guide on how to start a blog in Kenya and what you need to run successful blogging business.

The good news is, WordPress charges you nothing to use it, yes it’s absolutely free for anyone who wants to try it out as their CMS.

In most cases the hosting companies provide different CMS and WordPress is one of them, to install WordPress takes few minutes from your hosting dashboard.

If you are using a premium hosting company like Hostgator, you will have to install the WordPress on your domain name, you have the option to choose from the many highly built WordPress free themes, or you can get yourself a premium WordPress theme.

So, are you ready to launch your first blog using wordpresss? I will be happy if you install WordPress only if your question to what is WordPress has been answered.

In my next post, I will help you differentiate between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org and outline their similarities, features and any other related query one may ask concerning the two.

Was this post useful? Kindly share and if you have any issue don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comment below.

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