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What’s SportPesa and How To Play

SportPesa was the first platform to offer sports enthusiasm with an option of betting and winning money. Most of the sports guys who are betting on sports sites depend on football matches to help them win. Before you go deeper kindly read How Mcheza Works To Enthrill The Hearts Of Kenya Sports Fanatic

There are two ways to place a bet on SportsPesa, either; through SMs or Online registration.

How to register through SMs.

–    Send an SMs word ‘GAME’ to code 79079

–    A link SMs will be sent to you about terms and conditions of SportsPesa will be forwarded to you.

–    Read the Terms and Condition of SportsPesa on the website.

–    When satisfied, send the word ‘ACCEPT’ to 79079

–    A registration SMs will be forwarded to you. The SMs will have the following information; username (phone number), SportsPesa PIN and the PayBill number of your mobile operator, either Safaricom or Airtel Money.

–    To start betting deposit money into the Spesa account using the PayBill number.

–    For every SMs sent to 79079, you will be charged Ksh.2 and incoming SMs to 70079 are free.

How to register through the SportPesa website.

–    Visit

–    Click on ‘REGISTER NOW’ then a detailed form will appear on the screen. Fill the required fields to create an online password.

–    Afterward, you will click on ‘GET VERIFICATION CODE’, and an SMs will be sent to your phone.

–    The verification code will be required on the sites portal to accept your membership.

–    Click on Finish registration to fully access the SportsPesa internet site. You will receive your online details that will include; Username, SportsPesa PIN, and a PayBill number.


–    Any person who has registered through SMs service can get an updated online account, where you will fill in the form to have an updated account.

The odds placing a bet depends on;
  1. Home win
  2. Draw win
  3. Away win.

The odds of winning will depend on your predictability.

Frequently asked questions about SportPesa;
  1. What is SportPesa; it’s a unique jackpot that has 13 matches.
  2. Is SportPesa an online scam? The betting company is registered under Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya which means it’s a legal business.
  3. What are the categories available to place a bet; a stake can be put on draws possibilities, home win probability or away games.
  4. Who is legible to play on SportPesa? Anyone who has an ID can register and place a bet on SportPesa.
  5. How much can I win on a single jackpot? The least amount is Ksh.100, and a seven double chance will make you 12800 richer.
  6. What happens if to people win a prize? If two people have predicted the matches all correctly, they get to share the jackpot amount.

The SportPesa currently introduced a mobile application where you can download the app, and get to bet on available games.

There have been several complaints about SportsPesa and how it is managed, with most people complaining that they can’t access their account or have problems withdrawing money from SportsPesa accounts. They have tried to combat the issues by having a twitter, email account and Facebook page that allows you to send messages asking for help, and you will receive a reply.

SportsPesa is same as gambling unless you are comfortable watching your money disappear or see your account get extra cash, be cautious when trying to bet.

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