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Why Should You Set up A blog Today?


The reason why you should set up a blog today.

You have friends who have Set up A blog and sharing their blogs with you. The work looked interesting and exciting, and you thought of opening a blog. Here are the necessary steps in opening a blog.

  1. Choose the name you would want for your blog.
  2. Download and install the blog.
  3. Customize the blogs layout and re-design it.
  4. Publish your first article.

There are several tutorials which will show you how to Set up A blog. The reasons why you should choose this blog over the other tutorials is that millions of blogs have become successful once we opened them.  The success of the blog depended on;

  • Setting up the blog correctly– once the blog is set up correctly, you are sure of enjoying the journey. With basic computer knowledge and your laptop. You will be able to download WordPress blog, which is the best platform for any beginner, be it a new blogger or not. Most bloggers will tell you their blogs run on WordPress software. I did a guide on  How To Start A blog kindly read it .
  • Have passion– this is a journey, it requires dedication. You can only be dedicated to what you love. Don’t open a blog because you feel like, open a blog because you are sure you will be able to run it when you are not in the mood. If you are an addict of movies, open a blog about movie reviews. If you love trying products and commending them to people, open a product review blog. Open a blog, and write about what thrills you. Passion is the key to blogging.
  • Make mistakes; it’s okay- if you are a first-timer blogger, you will make several errors. Don’t feel shy when you find out that you are prone to mistakes during your first few months of blogging. You will eventually find your way. We all started this journey by making several mistakes. Ask fellow bloggers about what to do; they will be glad to help.

Set Up A blog

It’s that simple.  If you are an avid user of internet and have exciting ideas to share you should have opened a blog. Apart from the fact that it is exciting, there are other benefits to owning a blog.

  • Recognition

You don’t have to sing to be recognized. Be a blogger, and the world will know your name. Most bloggers are famous because of what they publish on their blogs. So start by publishing your post and be patient until you become a celebrated blogger.

  • Income

Every famous blogger earns money through blogging. Some pay their entire bills by being bloggers, are earning some side money through blogging. It doesn’t matter what kind of blogger you are; you will be able to earn money through blogging. Once you decide to become a full blogger, you can pay your bills by the money you will get.

  • Exciting

Blogging is a journey, and the journey is rewarding, but most importantly it’s exciting and fun. Write about things that thrill you and share the experience with to the world.

When you have not done en extensive research, you will be duped to open a new blog. Here is the reason why you should not open a free blog.

It’s not free

When you have a blog page, that means you will have ad space. That is where Google ads get to appear in. When Google ads appear on your page, you are to be paid. If it’s a free blog, the people hosting you will be paying themselves with the ads from your blog. So it’s not free. Read how WordPress can solve this issue in a guide i did about WordPress Basics.

They sell your ad space

With a blog page, you can allow the advertisement to appear on your page. With free blogs, you will be able to see your advertisement but have no idea how they get to be on your page. It’s a free blog; you don’t get to have a say on what happens on it.

No ownership control

If you say, you own a blog that means you can be able to monitor what happens on your blog page. With free blogs, you won’t have any control on your page. The website hosting you will be able to decide what happens on your blog without consulting you. It becomes frustrating when your blog is overshadowed with an advertisement that doesn’t relate to your blog not forgetting that you don’t get a dime from those ad appearance.


I know several people who lost ownership of their blog pages because someone hacked into their accounts and stole their credentials. With free blogs, it will be easier to be a target for hackers because your blog isn’t properly secured. Once your blog has been hacked, you won’t be able to access it. Complain to the people hosting your page it will turn to be a waste of time because you will have no proof that the blog belonged to you when the credentials have been changed.

They sell you an upgraded version

So you opened a free blog and realized the futility that comes with it, you will have to upgrade to a more secured blog. You will spend more bucks than you could have spent when opening a secured blog. Why not just start by opening an upgraded blog, right?

No monetary reward

If you want to pay your bills through blogging, you won’t get any rewards when you open a free blog. With free blogs, you have no ownership rights, inadequate security, no profits from your ad space. You will be helping someone earn money through your efforts. Get rewarded for your great ideas by opening a blog that will reward your hard work.

You have seen the problems, significant problems, which are associated with opening free blogs.  To begin a blog with the best domain and good web hosting site. Follow the simple guide offered in this blog.

Feel free to contact our blog, for any queries. We will be glad to help.


WordPress Basics

How To Start A blog

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