Pick A domain Name

How To Pick A Domain Name


Pick A Domain Name

We have already gone through the benefits of having a blog. To get you started in blogging these are the paramount things you need to do when it comes to how to Pick A domain Name:

  1. Pick a domain name.

Choosing a domain name will send you straight to the blog’s  once you search it on the internet. The domain name can be your name, favorite color or a creative name of your choice.

If I were to have a domain name of my own, I would have Samweldollah.com. Though, the best domain name would have to be your name.

Domain name should be short,catchy and memorable.

Having your name as domain gives you a sense of security. It would be a little difficult for someone to steal your name. The other benefit associated with creating a domain name with your name is that you get to own your blog. Many successful bloggers are known for having a domain with their names associated with the domain.

When you have settled on a name, you will have to choose an extension. Extensions can be .org, .net. .com, .us or .biz.  The most common extensions are .com .org or .net. Pick any of them for they are common to many people.

So an example of the domain name will be Kelance.com or  Dollahsamwel.com.

When picking a domain name, it might be rejected a few times because it is already in use. Don’t despair; add an article to your name or parenthesis (- or _) or maybe a number to the name. For instance, if my choice was Samweldollah.com and it got rejected, I would try Samweldollah2.com or aboutsamweldollah.com, and I’m sure one of the trials will be accepted. Only dashes will be allowed not brackets or punctuation marks.

How much Does DOmain name Cost

I get all my domain names with Namecheap,then later transfer them to my web-host,hostagtor.You can choose to buy domains at Namecheap since it will cost you only $10 per year unlike other domain providers. If you starting up I would prefer you sign up on hostgator,they give free domain names.

  1. Chose a web host.

The web host stores your blog information and shows up whenever someone types your domain name. You must have a web host for you to have a blog. A good web host is essential for your blog success. If you chose a web host that is slow, you would have a lot of complaints from visitors searching your blog and people refusing to visit your blog because it is slow and take ages to load up. There is a variety of web host to choose from including Siteground. I recommend Hostgator for the following reasons.

  • They allow free, simple installation while offering blogging tools like WordPress.I talked about this in WordPress Basics kindly read it.
  • WordPress being the most loved and easy to use blog has also recommended the site.
  • The web host is known to host over 2 million sites.
  • Most blogs that deal with communication prefer Siteground.
  • Incase you are not satisfied with their service delivery; you are guaranteed of your money being paid back.

If it is a quality ranked web host, it will cost more money. Choosing Hostgator as a web host might look like a big risk for newbie, but you are guaranteed of getting better results with this web host, unlike other expensive charging web hosts.

Pick A domain name

You now have a preferred name to your blog and a web host you would love to choose. The next step is to register your domains name. I will take you through that process step by step and in case of any troubling question, feel free to contact me.

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