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Signing Up On People Per Hour In Kenya



Four decades ago no one would have thought that the internet would be an employment option to the world. The world has significantly changed to include flexible working conditions. An example is finding work online from any part of the globe.So what is really People Per Hour?

The internet has employed people to either full-time online jobs or part-time jobs, with promising pays. This is by available sites like Upwork, oDesk, Fiverr and People per hour .
People Per Hour site is found in the UK and helps online freelancers to find a job while clients can find people willing to work for them for a fee.
This review will focus on;
1. What is PPH
2. How PPH works
3. How to use PPH features to grow online work
4. How to use the site to make money and manage work

What is People Per Hour

It is an online site that helps freelancers to offer services and clients to outsource work. The services that can be sold on the site are;

  •  Graphic design
  •  Keyword Research
  •  Web design
  •  Content creation
  •  Coding prowess
  •  eBook creating among other services

The jobs found on the site are called Hourlies.

How does PPH work?

How a seller can use PPH.

  •  Create an ‘HOURLIE.’
  • Describe the Hourlie
  • Post it on the market site.
  • Advertise your work. Advertising your Hourlie requires you to purchase the service. Advertising will help you get more orders meaning more pay.

People Per Hour

A seller can submit proposals when you are a first timer by sending a proposal to a buyer who wishes to use your services. Lure the customer to give in to your proposal by telling them the unique packages that you are ready to offer.

How a buyer can use PPH

– Sign up for membership
– Post a job
– State what you want
– Wait for sellers to submit their proposals.
You will receive some proposals, pick what conquers with your requirements. You don’t have to accept all the proposals.

Favorite options that come with using PPH.

– You can send or receive proposals.
– You can advertise your offers; this is a unique feature available only on this site.
– You can look at the sellers or buyers profile review to access their work personalities.
– Their ‘CERT Scores.’
– It’s simple and straightforward way of handling business.
– Free membership unless you are a buyer.
– Not too crowded

The negative aspect of using this site is you will get negative feedback from customers who won’t understand your offer when you deliver their orders.

It won’t hurt to try using PPH to offer proposals or buy them. You will get perfectly fine work orders that will suit your needs. This is a great place to build a solid foundation of any online business.

Second choices

There are numerous online sites available to both clients and sellers. Fiverr is a good option if you don’t find PPH favorable enough. Depending on what kind of work you want to outsource or offer you can always find online platforms that will please you.

My Conclusion.

Online entrepreneurship is an enormous yet promising platform. With sites like PPH, you can build a bright future online career. It takes patience and determination with an immeasurable amount of passion for making it in this relatively new industry.


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