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Are You Safe Using PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services?


FAQS: PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services

1. What is PayPal?

Do you feel safe using PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services ? PayPal is a financial payment service that allows a person to accept funds, pay for goods, services or receive money from all over the world, without revealing  personal information. The safest and easiest method of getting paid online is through PayPal.

The online service payment mode is available to over 203 countries and around 188 million accounts that are active use PayPal service. You can also go throw  How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To Equity In 3 Days

2. How PayPal work?

Two people will have PayPal accounts, e.g., when a customer and a seller have PayPal accounts they will send money to each other through the account. A Consumer can always be paid through PayPal account.

The debitor credit card of the customer is always connected to their PayPal account.When you buy goods from someone who accepts PayPal service, and you have a PayPal account, PayPal will debit the required payment from the seller’s PayPal balance or any payment method associated with PayPal account and makes credits the money to your account without revealing any financial information about the vendor’s account.

PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services

The seller can always withdraw the remaining funds from PayPal account to their local bank. In Kenya, purchasers can always withdraw funds from PayPal using the Equity bank withdraw service. PayPal accepts specified currency, and Kenyan Shillings is not one of them.

3. How is PayPal account beneficial?

  •  Transfer funds from one PayPal account to the other.
  • Receives online payment to your PayPal account from anywhere in the world.
  • Save you from queues and bank papers because you get to send money or receive funds from anywhere in the world.

4. Why you need PayPal account for commercial use?

When you open a PayPal account, you can receive and send money globally and not disclose any bank account information.Every international customer would prefer using PayPal account to any other payment method.

PayPal service account is actively used by more than 188 million clients, and 203 countries are known to use PayPal service.PayPal service will save you from cramming bank account details. You only enter the details once, and you are done.
PayPal currencies include, Debit cards, credit cards, local payments methods and more than 25 global currency, though, Kenya shillings is not part of the PayPal money.You need only to sign up on the internet; it’s that easy.

The commission on every fund transacted on PayPal is very affordable.PayPal is the most secure way to send and receive money online. You bank details are privatized, and fraud risk is a very rare to none case.

5. How to create a PayPal account

  1.  Visit
  2.  Click on ‘Sign Up’ found on the top right-hand
  3. The next part would be to choose your region or country. The ‘country/region ‘part click on ‘Kenya.’
  4. On the ‘language’ choose the language you want.
  5. According to the reason why you want the PayPal account, click on either ‘business’ or ‘personal.’
  6. Click on ‘open account’ as the next step.
  7. Certain information will be needed from you. Fill all the classified information asked, make sure you add a working active email.
  8. An email link will be sent to the email you provided above.
  9. The link will help you finish up the whole PayPal open account process. N/B; when you open a business account, you will have to provide the necessary information like the name of the company and any other needed information.

6. How to validate your PayPal account?

• You must have a debit/credit card to verify your opened PayPal account.
• Sign into your opened PayPal account with the email and password you provided.
• The debit/credit card information given on the PayPal account will be used to deposit/withdraw money from your PayPal account.
• A certain amount will be deducted from your PayPal account to verify it. The amount will be funded back, once the verification processes have been completed.
• The verification process will need you to enter a 4-pin code number that is provided in the statement reference. Re-enter the security code to complete the authentication process.
• Sometimes there would be delays, and it will take more than 5 days to reveal on your bank’s card account. You can always contact your bank’s support to get help.
• The debit/credit card can belong to any bank.
• For a business PayPal account, you will have to ensure that the debit/credit card accepts online transactions money transfer.
7. What is the maximum amount that can be transferred or withdrawn from PayPal account?
• This is an Equity PayPal service and the least agreed amount that can be transmitted is $10000 US for one transaction.

8. How is PayPal account defined?

PayPal is not a bank account but a digital online money transfer service that is used to send, withdraw money or pay for online goods and services. If you decide to have a balance in your PayPal account, there would be no interest earned.

9. Why is KES not a valid currency when using PayPal?

PayPal allows only 25 currencies module, and KES is not part of it.
Equity Bank allows you to withdraw and transfer money to your Equity Bank Account.

You can convert the PayPal balance to another PayPal exchange rate by following the steps below.
• Sign into your PayPal account.
• Go to you ‘profile’ icon and click on it.
• Go to ‘My Money.’
• Click on ‘currencies.’
• On the ‘Currency Exchange’ enter your amount and the currency being exchanged.
• Select ‘calculate’ then ‘review exchange.’
• The last step is to click on exchange currency, and your PayPal amount will be converted.

10. What is the PayPal commission?

• Opening a PayPal account is free so is paying services or goods using PayPal account.
• When you transact money, you will be charged a commission of 2.4%-3.9% and an extra $0.30USD when you receive the fund. Exchanging the PayPal currency you will be charged 2.5%. has all the information you might need.
• You will be charged 1.5% of the USD amount you withdraw from Equity PayPal service.

11. How to pay for goods or services using PayPal services.

• Use your debit and credit card linked to your PayPal account to pay for services and commodities bought online. When purchasing products or offering services choose PayPal service as your method of payment.
• When you purchase a product or an item, your PayPal or bank account information won’t be revealed.

12. How to see your balance in your PayPal account?

• Log into PayPal account at and check how much balance you have and watch your transaction history.
• When withdrawing funds from your PayPal account and want the currency to be in US Dollar you will have first to specify the US amount needed to be removed.

If the US Dollar is not the available currency on your PayPal account, go to your PayPal account and check the exchange rate before withdrawing, follow the steps below.

– Go to ‘profile’ on the PayPal account.
– Select on ‘My Money.’
– Click on ‘Currencies’ to have your PayPal balance calculated in USD.

When you withdraw money from PayPal, it will be automatically converted to USD currency and a commission of 2.5% will be applied.

13. How is the Equity Bank Withdraw Service related with PayPal?

Equity bank allows you to withdraw funds using PayPal services when you have a Kenyan PayPal account. You can withdraw deposited into your PayPal account and transfer them to Equity Bank account.The PayPal Withdrawal service is only applicable to Equity Bank account holders and available on the

The PayPal Equity withdrawal service applies to people who own personal/business Equity Bank accounts that are active or have a USD Customer Foreign Currency (CFC) associated with Equity Bank. You can’t withdraw money to an Equity Bank Credit Card.When you perform a transaction on behalf of a business company you must be validated by the business before you can carry out any operation.

PayPal account withdrawal services from Equity will ask you to specify the USD amount you want to withdraw. When your PayPal account has the different currency, they will be automatically converted to USD.

  • The least amount you can transact from Equity Bank is $10,000USD.
  • The KES is not part of the PayPal currency.
  • You will receive the PayPal amount on your Equity Bank Account after all commissions have been deducted from the money.
  • It takes three working days before you can see the PayPal being reflected on your Equity Bank Account.
14. How to withdraw money from Paypal?

1. Once you have created your PayPal account and linked it to your Equity Bank Account, you should click on ‘withdraw your money.
2. Use your username and password to log in to your PayPal account and access your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can register within no time.
3. Once you are logged in to your PayPal account click on ‘bank services.’
4. Select your bank account associated with your PayPal service and click on ’Link Account.’
5. OTP (One Time Pin) will be sent to the phone number you provided related to your Equity Bank or the ‘preferred’ bank account.
6. Give in the OTP and click ‘confirm OTP.
7. When the process has been approved, you will get ‘Account has been successfully linked. Enjoy our online Banking Services.’

8. Then click on ‘PayPal services.’

9. Submit your email address, then select the bank account and repeat the process done in step 4, finish by adding ‘link account.’
10. You will land on a window pop up, which will ask you to submit your PayPal account password and complete by clicking on ‘Authorize.’
11. You will land on Equity Bank web with a message stating ‘your account has been successfully linked.’
12. On PayPal account menu, click on ‘withdraw service.’
13. Select your PayPal account linked before.
14. Put in the amount you want to withdraw which should be less or more of what reads in your PayPal account.
15. Click on ‘accept.’
16. A message will be sent to you stating that ‘your PayPal withdrawal amount (Y) was successful.’ Your bank will be credited within 3 business days’.

15. What is a qualifying Equity Bank Account?

The qualifying account means that the account is an Equity Bank transactional account. In short, it means an account with savings, cheque, and transmissions account that have KES currency in them or USD, EUR or is a GBP denominated CFC currency holder account.

16. What are Equity/PayPal services terms and conditions when it comes to withdrawal services?

Check the terms and conditions that relate to Equity Bank withdrawal service on website to learn more.

17. What does Equity Bank charge as their commission when you use their bank account for withdrawal services?

– Setting up a PayPal account is free.
– When your PayPal account is credited with money, you are deducted a commission of 2.4% to 3.9% and USD 0.30% for each transaction made.
When exchanging the amount credited to your account on a different currency accepted by PayPal a 2.5% fee is charged.

18. Equity Bank charges.

The amount needed to be withdrawal will be less 1.5%. This applies to payment done into a KES, EUR, GBP Equity Bank account and the exchange rate will rely on USD, KES, EUR, GBP banks’ rate that exists at the time the money was sent since the rates fluctuate a lot.

19. How long will it take for me to get paid?

When you receive money from a fellow PayPal account, it is within seconds.

For the money to read in your account and be ready to be withdrawn, it will take around 3-working days for it to reflect.If you had any doubt suppose using PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services you have every question answered about PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services.

I have used PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services ever since it launched,way back when withdrawal would take 5 working days and I can assure you its safe,convenient and very reliable.

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