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Payoneer Debit Card Review


Payoneer Debit Card Full Review For  Freelancers in Kenya

What is a Payoneer debit card– Payoneer debit card belongs to the Payoneer Company that was founded in 2005. The company offers reliable payment solution to people who need transact funds from their online businesses and other businesses and don’t have an essential payment service provider.

The debit card will be as useful as any debit card, and withdrawals can be made at any ATM globally if you have a MasterCard without any issues. Unlike traditional methods of withdrawing money, this service doesn’t require the use of your bank accounts information and is available to customers who are in 200 different countries.
The debits card payment options;

  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • Global and local digital wallets
  • Local-currency paper checks.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Payoneer Debit Card?

Freelancers, merchants, vendors, and publishers can receive funds via the private labeled Payoneer debit card.
Affiliate commissions are issued out via checks, PayPal, and international wire transfers. These kinds of payments need paperwork to approve the funds to be released and takes a week for money to get to your account.

With the Payoneer debit card, you don’t need any approval forms and can receive funds to your account within 24 hours. This service is also a solution to any person who has a web-business and needs a secure and reliable payment service.

Who can sign up for Payoneer Services?

If you are above 18 years of age, an affiliate or vendor. Then you need this payment service to ease your daily load of work.

Benefits that come with using the debit cards services.
  • Secure; there is no worry when it comes to your private information being hacked. The service has a well- updated technology software that secures your private data. The service follows all the requirements and terms for an online payment service.
  • Payoneer Card replacement; if you lose your card you are assured a card replacement
  •  Flexibility; the flexibility of how much money you wish to withdraw from the card is plausible. There is an offer to cover every ones’ need.
  • Easy to use; there is no-brainer involved when it comes to using this service.
  • Affordable; the small monthly charges set Payoneer at a higher rank about other online payment services.
  • Financial responsibility; you can spend your money wisely because you only use the funds that are availed to your account. It is much better compared to a credit card.
  • Recognized; Payoneer had won the “Best business to employee payment” award at the Pay before Awards in 2010.

How long will it take before I get my Payoneer card?

When you have filled out the registration process form, you will receive an email indicating the arrival date. The arrival times vary depending on your location, but the card is shipped for free.

Payoneer Debit Card

What are the chargeable fees?

The card will give you a detailed list of the charges fees with the cards email delivery.
To inquire your balance, you will be charged 1 dollar.
Withdrawal from ATMs will be $3.15

Which companies can release my funds to my Payoneer account?

Almost every credible company is allowed to deposit funds to your Payoneer account. The most known companies that will send money to your account include;

– Inc.
– Amway Corporation
– Elance
– Facebook
– Google Inc.
– Keynetics Inc. (Click Bank)
– Linkshare
– oDesk
– Microsoft Corporation
– Fiverr
– PayPal Inc.
Fund transactions from the US Payment Service to PayPal are not allowed.

Best reasons to choose Payoneer

  • The payment services cover the globe.
  • Allows you to get payment from several affiliate networks that enable Payoneer payment.
  • No need to use a bank account.
  • The funds are originally in US currency and get converted when purchasing services in a different currency.
  • You can verify skrill, Payza, and PayPal with your Payoneer card.
  • Funds are available in your account within 2-6 hours of release.
  • The customer support has a reliable, telephone, email and live-chat.
  • With more than $100 as money transfer to your Payoneer account, you get an extra $25 as appreciation amount.

I hope that the above review will be of benefit. Visit Payoneer site to sign up. You can walk into any ATM machiine in Kenya and withdraw your cash using Payoneer Card.


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