Nakumatt Global  Card
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How To Use Nakumatt Global Card To Verify PayPal


How To Use Nakumatt Global  Card To Verify Paypal In Kenya

Nakumatt Supermarket, Kenya Commercial Bank, Diamond Trust Bank and Mater Card have partnered together to form a prepaid card and a loyalty card called Nakumatt Global Card.

Nakumatt Global  Card

How to get the card

The card can be acquired from Nakumatt Supermarket, KCB or Diamond Trust Bank branches by filling in the details of your ID and other personal information. The card can be used immediately when it is got from Nakumatt Supermarket. When applying from other available branches, you will wait for 72 hours before you can use it.

What are the charges of getting the card?

Ksh.100 from Nakumatt Supermarket and Ksh.500 from either KCB or DTB.
How to top up the card;

  •  At either Nakumatt Supermarket, KCB or DTB bank you can top up the card free of charge.
  • The second option is using M-pesa PayBill number 516606 to top up; standard rates will be applied.
  • It is safe to top up the card with a minimum of Ksh. 500

Advantages of the card?

  • Used to shop online.
  • Get SMSs every time you use the card.
  • A full or mini statement can be downloaded from nakumattglobal
  •  Various currencies are accepted

Nakumatt Global  Card
PayPal is a global payment service that offers affordable rate and convenience to customers who shop online or are paid using the account. When the money has been sent to your account, you will have to withdraw the money from the account. Nakumatt Global card is one of the best options to have PayPal deposit your money.

How To Verify Paypal In Kenya Using Nakumatt Global Card

1. Log in to your PayPal account
2. Click on ‘get verified’ you can either click on ‘confirm my debit card or credit card.’
3. Select MasterCard as the card type, and fill in the information required. Enter the card number, expiry date and security code of your card.
4. Make sure your address is correct, or change it to concur with your recent address.
5. Confirmation of the card will take 2-3 days.
6. PayPal will deduct around $2 to verify if you own the account. A 4 digit verification code will be sent to your Nakumatt Global Card Online Portal.
7. Log into your PayPal account and enter the four digit code that was sent in step 6, and follow the link to verify if the card is yours.
8. When the card is checked, you will receive your deducted money within 24 hours and can now proceed to make withdrawals or online transactions.
9. If you get an error message, call the Nakumatt, DTB or KCB Customer care to help remove the error.
So you have opened a PayPal account and wished to make some withdrawals, get yourself the Nakumatt Global Card and unlock the freedom to purchase products online.

PayPal verification in Kenya is one of the challenges freelancers face and Nakumatt Global card offers the best solution.

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