Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017
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Top 5 Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017


There are  Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017

You have heard of the largest online market where people go to buy and sell professional services o and products. You also know that most gigs costs as little as $5, and wonder how a person can earn a living out of such minimum amount. This article will list the best 5 gigs found on Fiverr. So here is a list of Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017.

The gigs that are high in price are mostly extra gigs, multiple gigs with incorporated custom offer tool. The custom offer tool can make you earn as high as $10,000. Also read  How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To Equity In 3 Days

Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017

The extra gigs will get you more money, but you have to advertise it to the clients for them to know of its existence. Photos and videos posted on Fiverr personal accounts can always get to advertise about the extra gigs.

The 5 best Fiverr gigs that have higher average order values also known as AOV’s.

1. Proofreading and editing

Proofreading gigs on Fiverr will be priced according to the words of the document. For $5 you will proofread an article that has a word count of 500-1500.

An average book will have a 20,000-word count, and for each word, you will be paid $0.01 that comes to $200. If you are lucky to proofread a book that has 100,000 words and the payment can be a 4-figure amount.

2. Voiceovers

The length of your recording will determine how much you are paid. An average gig will cost $5 for a script that has 50-100 words, a client who wants more than this have to find an extra gig.

The extra gig created on voice over would contain more offers like background music. Intro, and outro.

3. Transcriptions.

An average gig of this kind will cost you $5 for a maximum of 20 minutes, and this is the hardest gig ever to find. Most clients who want longer podcast minutes will be willing to pay at least $60 for every order made.

The orders are always short, and if they are entertaining enough, you can have a loyal customer who will always seek out your services.

4. Book Covers

The average gig of this kind causes $5, but you can have it as an extra gig when you add high-resolution graphics, file formats that are different and front and back covers.

5. Copywriting.

For 500 words you can get a copywriter charging $5. A much-valued copywriter would cost more for content creation. If you happen to want a blog copywriter, it will be best if you hire one seller to keep up with the writing tone.

Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017

A right customer who will value your work and rate you as a good copywriter will be always higher you to be their master-creator, and you can earn a whopping $20 or more. The copywriting value will depend on the word count.


It is exciting to learn that you can make something more than the $5 from Fiverr, but you will be disappointed to be stuck with that $5 for a very long time.

The trick to making it on Fiverr is by emulating what the top rated sellers of your service are doing; this is the surest way of learning, and with time you will earn much more than $5.

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