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How Mcheza Works To Enthrill The Hearts Of Kenya Sports Fanatic



Do you know of Mcheza ? The only way Kenyans could find a lottery ticket or win a commendable amount of money was by buying Charity Sweepstake ticket and hope you fall for a lottery ticket.

The recent years, actually since 2014 we have seen Kenyan Companies embrace gambling as a mean of earning real cash or extra cash, and sports fanatics have been excited to try different sports gambling sites just to have money land on their hands.

The Internet has made the world a global village. We can get jobs on the web, talk to friends living miles away like they are in the next room, or bet and win money.

Mcheza is an online site and mobile phone platform that allows non-sports fanatics and sports fanatics to bet their luck on the site. The company that is powered by Intralot was launched in Serena Hotel, 16th Wednesday 2015 and its said to be a Julie Gichuru production in Partnership with a few business people.

So how does one register on Mcheza?

  • You register on by sending the word Cheza via SMs to 29888.
  • You will need money to your account to place a bet, use Pay Bill number 295525 on M-pesa to pay to Mcheza account.
  • A confirmation SMs will be sent to you after funds have been received.

That’s how you register for Mcheza.

How to place a bet via SMs.

– You will need the Game ID number. Every match has a different three or four digit code that acts as a Game ID number.
– Enter the game ID, betting selection and the amount you wish to bet on to 29888 SMs. An example is game ID, team, value; 3450#Y#500 to 29888.

How to Multi bet;

Send different Game Id numbers, the team selection, and the amount you want to bet on. After every game ID number, you separate them by inserting # symbol. An example; 20155#503#2035#W# to 29888. An SMs will be sent to you confirming your bet selection and the amount you have used and the amount you stand to win if your team wins or draws.

How to check the balance

Send the word ‘BALANCE’ to 29888 and a confirmation SMs will be sent to you about your accounts balance.
How to cancel a bet.
Only send the word ‘CANCEL’ then the ‘#’ symbol followed by the games ID number to 29888. The canceling will take 10 minutes before it is fully processed. You can only cancel the bet before the match starts.

How to withdraw your amount

Send the word ‘CashOut#amount’ to 29888. An example; ‘CashOut#10, 000’ to 29888. You will receive the transaction SMs, and the amount will be deposited to your M-pesa account.

How to register online;

Visit, click on the logo and login section. You will be asked for your username and password. Username is your phone number and password is the code that will be sent to you via SMs. That is how you register, to be a member you will enter certain personal information including a password. Opt for a password that will be easy to recall when logging in.


To know if your new online account is active, log in using the newly registered information details. If the information is correct, a green pop-up window will appear.

After noticing your online registration is active, you can proceed to bet in any of the many categories available.

The available categories on where to place the bet;
– You can either bet for;
1. Home team to win
2. Away team to wins
3. Draw result for both playing teams

– To bet on your team, identify the game(s) you wish to bet on. Select the specific teams you want to place on each game and the odds you choose will appear gold in color. The bets you have placed will be found on your betting slip on the right-hand side of the site.

How safe is it to use Mcheza

The site has partnered with INTRALOT which is the leading supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content, sports betting management and interactive gaming services to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide. Also read  Are You Safe Using PayPal To Equity Withdrawal Services?

Mcheza allows only adults aged 18 years and above to bet on the games and offer counseling session to clients who feel frustrated from betting. The site has also limited amount of money that can be placed as a bet or number of times that one can withdraw money in a day. The safely secured limitations are not applicable to clients who are ready to call in and set the gambling limit.

Mcheza Facebook account is very active, and users frequent the page to ask for help. Within an hour you can get a reply back if you sent them an inbox in their Facebook message.

If you are good with luck and not afraid to lose some amount of money for a day, go ahead and register yourself on Mcheza to start earning some quick cash. It is advisable to have basic information about teams before you proceed to bet, ask friends who are used to betting their money away on how to place the bets and watch your luck on money increased.


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