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How To Make Money On Fiverr In Kenya As New Seller




Just before we start talking about Make Money On Fiverr In Kenya,let defined few things. Online sites are the best places to find a handy work. My unquenchable thirst for finding a site that could help me make money landed me on the Fiverr , which is supposedly the largest online marketplace for professional services. This article will give you tit bits and all the required information needed to create a gig on Fiverr.


This is an online site where people advertise their products and services, and it attracts a broad population of professional marketers. The buyers who come to buy services and products are estimated to be around 1-million. On Fiverr we have gigs. Gigs are services created that the least service costs $5, and you are allowed to have ‘extra’ gigs to help you make extra money.Also check about Top 5 Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017.

When your gig costs $5, it means you will only get $4 because Fiverr takes the 1$ as their commission. When you want to make as much money as you wish on Fiverr, create a gig that requires less time to create it.

Here is a classic example.

A person X creates SEO maven E-book gig and calls it ‘SEOM.’ The first three weeks of his gigs he delivers the service to 60 clients and makes around $420 because for every gig sold it costs $7.

In one month he would have earned a reasonable amount or something nearer to $600. The gigs take him around 20 minutes to create since he is a pro on the subject. In a very minimum amount of time, he would have made an incredible amount of money. The best part is that the gig takes less time to be created so it can even be worked on during a vacay.

How do you make money when you are on Fiverr?

1. Learn your market environment by purchasing gigs

Selling more gigs is all about delivering what the buyer would want, and how do you do this? You become a consumer too. Look for a Gig you can buy, then see how your client is relating with you until they deliver that gig. You will be too informed on what the buyers would want.

The cheaper the gig, the better. Most reputable companies will go for gigs that cost less than ten dollars because they know; the gigs are affordable and will be offered at the needed time.

Most of the gigs that attract the attention of the buyers are mainly small business and freelancers. Creating a gig that falls into either two categories will land you on some luck.

Creating a gig is not enough, as much as the gigs you have created will be cheap and quickly submitted. The gig should always be flexible enough to meet the needs of the buyers.

When buying a gig as a seller, get to think what would attract you to a gig and work with that mind when creating a gig to a buyer.

2. Create Fiverr Username

The username you create when signing in as a buyer will stick to you like the way a shadow does; you are not allowed to change the name. You have an option of using your official name, your first name or a name that won’t limit you to anything or create a wrong profile on you. Be careful when looking for a username, some clients would judge you out rightly due to the creative name you picked for yourself.

After creating a username that is appropriate or relates to the service being offered, go ahead and buy a Gig that costs more than $10 to get you to learn the full process of creating to making sure a gig is delivered.

3. Create a title for your gig

When buying a Gig product you will come across different gigs that fall under what you are looking for, but will only pick a Gig that has a name that resembles what you want. This is the surest way to know the kind of Gig you want, so you should employ the same tactic when naming your Gig.

Make Money On Fiverr In Kenya
Naming you gig right will help you market your gig when people search for it on the search engine found on Fiverr.
First, according to the service you are going to create on Fiverr, try typing the first two words of the service and watch the guesses that come by.

Go ahead, and type the next three letters and watch what happens. This will give you a clue on what your buyers would be looking for.

After having a clear view on what words are searched for, go ahead and play with words until you form a very catch phrase. The first words are always ‘I will…’ and they should be a maximum of 80 characters.

4. Add related tags to your Gig

After creating a catchy phrase to make buyers pick your service, you now have an idea of what interests them. Add the related tags to your profile to make you have a stand-out profile. Most of the tags might be in use, try and find one that is not in use and add “,” after filling in the tag to add the tag.

5. Creating an excellent gig description

A description about your gig should mainly tell us; you value what you offer, and your customer will give them a quality product, set above average expectations that you can meet and lastly tell us how passionate you are about the services you are offering. A classic example would be to search for the best 10 gigs that relate to what you are offering and get a clue from their gig description.

6. Meet  gig deadline

This is a marketplace where everyone is competitively ruthless and trying to get the best of what they pay for in the least amount of time. When you fail to set an achievable deadline buyers will be on your profile writing bad reviews and orders being retracted back, and that’s not what you signed up for. Offer deadlines that you can comfortably meet.

7. Create a Fiverr Gig Video

Your face, sound, and words will be stuck in the buyers’ mind hence end up picking you in place of a seller who didn’t have a video on their profile. Don’t get nervous; it’s all about selling yourself and falling among the 220% sellers with videos who always get to be picked.

8. Your gig should have a photo so is your profile

Buyers want a face to identify with, upload a profile photo that is professional enough to make a consumer value you as a potential seller. Your gigs should also have as enough photos as possible to accompany them. An artist who paints can upload different painting with an explanation to them. A person whose gig is about writing and creating search engine words, you can find a creative way to explain the nature of your service using a photo.

9. Have well-written instructions for your clients

Some buyers or clients won’t play the fair game when it comes to working and paying for the gig created. Have a well-outlined instruction for your buyers to know what you are willing to work on and what isn’t within your scope. If you happen not to understand what they are asking for you, please message for further clarification before starting to work on the project.

10. Let lose your Gig

You have learnt the most core and essential tips for creating a gig and selling it on Fiverr. It’s time to publish it. To get yourself some clients, ask a friend to buy your gig and write a positive review and watch a buyer approach you for your service.

Remember creating a gig is all about, creating an affordable one to attract all kind of customers, deliver within time to have good reviews and loyal buyers and lastly offer extra gigs to earn you extra cash. Now that we’ve tackled few issues about Make Money On Fiverr In Kenya read How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To Equity In 3 Days.

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