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The Ultimate Guide How To Get Buyers On Fiverr For Your Gig


Best ways How To Get Buyers On Fiverr

If you are planning to join Fiverr or on Fiverr and what to maximize profit and best gigs, this article is detailed on different ways to get more buyers to your gig.So lets go through How To Get Buyers On Fiverr for your gig as first time seller. Did you read my previous article on How To Make Money On Fiverr In Kenya As New Seller ?

1. Short Fiverr gig title

When the gig is short and straight to the point, you will get more buyers on the gig. Your gig should be short, quality and have straight to the point description. To look at the best Gigs, you can search on Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched words for the best gigs.

2. Detailed Gig description

A gig that has the 1200 characters to describe the services it is offering, a gig of that amount is rare to get buyers wanting for more clarification about the service offered or the gig because it is well detailed.

You have to ensure that your product is well explained in the description section, for a buyer to understand fully what he is asking for and why his money is worth the service. The description section is the place where you get to mention that you can offer extra gigs.

3. Videos and images

220% credit always goes to the sellers who have posts and videos to explain what they are offering. Seemingly people want to put their money on products and people they have seen, and posting a video explaining about yourself is one way to get trust ‘authentication’ when working online.

How To Get Buyers On Fiverr

4. How to have your gig extra being marketable

Gigs mostly go at a lower price that is most of the gigs. Sellers have learned one way of adding up money to their pocket; they provide extra gigs. The extra gig created should have something much more than what your normal service would be to attract the buyers to ask for the extra gigs.

The extra gigs should be so flexible from pricing to what they entailed. There are no limits to adjusting the extra gigs, now and then you can always adjust the extra gig content to accommodate every good gig.

When you earn more money from Fiverr, Fiverr will benefit too, and they would want to rank you among the best gig-sellers, so they don’t lose your value, and they don’t lose their profit.

5. Feedback

Something that will get you see more money finding its way to your pocket is the review. Fiverr allows a buyer to leave feedback. Positive feedback will keep you having loyal clients and new ones, and a bad reputation might see you get canceled orders and no customer at all.Also read Top 5 Most Paying Fiverr Gigs In 2017

After submitting your service, let the clients always leave a customer review on the product. The customer feedback can be a thumbs up for good work, and thumbs down for poor work/ some customers will neglect the feedback part, but if you can find a way to make them leave feedback the better.

6. Offer a certain warranty

Not everyone would be willing to trust your work, but you can let them have some trust on you by offering something in return. When you offer a certain percentage of the money back when clients are not satisfied with your gig, you can gain the interest of more clients.

It is to be noted that not all clients are willing to trust you on that, some would want to take advantage of that fact. For instance, some clients would want the money back and their order to be still processed, which when canceled they might go on a negative-rampage review to make you look bad, and that’s not a regular business.

7. Where to get the first clients for your service?

According to AnarchoFlighter, you can have ten of your social media friend buy a service worth $5, and in return, they write 10 positive reviews about your product.

That is the best way to alleviate your Fiverr status with the easily earned positive review.

For every $5 you make Fiverr makes sure you get only $4 the rest goes to their pocket.

PS; When you sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program, you can earn money out of it when you let new friends join Fiverr.

How is Fiverr beneficial?

When you have a well-described product that has a catchy phrase to it, you will get buyers wanting your services. A good gig will earn you decent amount once you have established the gig. An excellent service should be created with passion.

When you sell your gig on Fiverr, you will illuminate your ideas to a higher level and create competitive products and offer services that can support your lifestyle.

Disadvantages of using Fiverr

Fiverr allows you to sell a service as low as $5. This should be an online marketplace to establish your business if your gig hasn’t escalated to a better level since it was launched, maybe 5-months ago it’s time to strategize, or you might end up not getting any net-worth.

What to have in mind

Fiverr is a large online market that attracts hundreds of clients from all over the world seeking a unique service. The clients might be needing your services, and you could watch your product being the most sought-after product when you deliver exceptional services.

Though, with Fiverr, you don’t get to communicate with the buyer on any other network platform. Fiverr is the only place where you get to constantly communicate with the client, and ask him about his needs, yet sometimes some clients are not quick to respond to your call.

The only way out is to use the feedback platform. This platform is where you encourage the buyer to leave positive remarks and ask him if all his products needs were met.

When a client is happy with your services, take the chance and sell to them the extra gig that has more value and is much better.

When you engage with your customer by asking him if he loved your work, you can get the buyer trusting you with more related questions to your product, and that gives you an idea on what extra gigs to create.

Now, what next?

After packing your brain with all that information, I’m sure you are ready to start selling gigs on Fiverr.

Simply find a passionate, worthy product that you think it might be useful to someone, and start earning money from your Fiverr account.


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