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Learn Academic Writing: How To Write APA Format



You have probably logged into any of the academic sites and found academic works to work on.Today I take you through on how To write APA Format Academic Paper.

The work will come with its rule and writing format because they are academic works, which are very different from other papers.

The most required style is either, MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard style. This article will cover the APA format, rules, guides and how to cite books and websites.

Every academic work order will come with its writing style. If you receive a job that asks you to use APA style, it means the work should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style. The styling format is mostly used to cite social sciences work.

Every document that has used the APA style or should have APA style will include an APA title page that has;
1. The running head.
2. The page number.
3. The title of the paper.
4. Author Name.
5. Institutional Name or Company.

According to what academic work you are working on, some professors would want the Title Page to include; this will vary.

 APA format

– Course or class name/number.
– Instructor’s name.
– Deadline date.

The content of your writing or pages should always include;

1. Cover page (title page)
2. Abstract
3. Main body
4. References.

The guidelines you have to follow when you open your word document are;

– The 1-inch margin on the top, bottom, and both sides.
– The writing font should be, New Times Romans size 12.
– Every first word you type should be indented one-half inch.
– The content should be double-spaced including the title page.
– The content should have a page header (running head) at the top of the page.


– This is on the first page after you have followed the margin, spacing, font size and type rules.
– Go to insert feature on the word document.
– Click on Header & Footer feature.
– Then click on the small down arrow found in the header and footer, three features will be displayed.
– Click on the page number, and choose Top of Page, number 1.
– A box will appear top of the page.
– Type the word ‘Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER. e.g., Running head: AMERICAN POLITICS.
– The title of your paper should always be in CAPITAL LETTERS.
– The title of your page should not exceed 50 characters including punctuation and not more than 12 letters.
– Every page will automatically have the title of your paper and not the Running head.
– The title should NEVER be italicized, underlined or bold.
– After writing the title page make sure you write; Authors name & Institution name which should be centered and double-space.


– The title page will automatically appear.
– The abstract is always between 150-250 words.
– On the second page after cover page, on the first line write the word ‘ABSTARCT’ center aligned. The word abstract should not be in italic, bold, underlined or quoted.
– The second line may include a written sentence about Keywords from the content; the keywords should be italicized then followed by a list of keywords.
– The main components that make abstract are either, research questions, topics, methods, variables, implications and future scope of the work.


– This is the third page of your document. It will be numbered 3. The 1st page was Cover Page, then Abstract and now Body.
– The running title of the page will be displayed automatically.
– The introduction will rarely need a heading unless stated.
– The body will mainly include the following elements; introduction, method, results, implications from the results or hypothesis.
– The first letter of every major word should be capitalized.
– For each paragraph you write, it is recommended you double space a complete sentence that ends with a full stop when using APA style. A single space is allowed when the sentence ends with any other punctuation marks.
– The first paragraph will have the word INTRODUCTION which must be indented.
– After the introduction proceeds to METHODS. METHODS should be in bold and center aligned because it is a subtitle. The method should be well-detailed including how the data was collected and what kind of methods were applied.
– The third subtitle will be RESULTS. Bold and center aligned. Graphs and pie charts are used to summarize or explain the results.
– The fourth subtitle will be DISCUSSION. Center-aligned and bold. Explain the finding of your results in this section. The results finding will be discussed in details how you will;
Conclude and support the information that brought the results.
Discuss if your findings were supported or not confirmed by the results of your finding.
Write down the limitations of the work and what should be incorporated to make the next research worth it.
– In your body, you will need to in-text citations; these are author (s) name and the year of publication. e.g. (Freeman, 2016).


– This is the last page after body.
– The running title should be displayed on this page.
– At the center of the page, write in bold the word REFERENCES. This title should not be italicized, underlined or have quotation marks.
– Every in-text citation will be mentioned in this section. Each of its paragraphs.

How to cite a print book

– Each first letter of the word of the title and subtitles or proper nouns should be capitalized.
– Full book’s title and subtitle should be italicized.
Ex. Author, (Year of Publication). The title of the book. City the book was published in, state: Publisher. Paul, W. (2016). San Andreas works. Nairobi, Nairobi: Longhorn.

How to cite an e-book

Ex. Author, (Year of Publication). The title of the e-book (E-Reader Version). Retrieved from the website name. Gertrude, G. (2025). The evolution (Nook Version). Retrieved from

How to cite an article website that has authors name

Ex. Author, (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article Title. Retrieved from URL.

How to cite an article website that has no author’s name.

Ex. Article Title. (Year, Month Date of publication). Retrieved from URL.

This article has covered general and all fundamentals that are needed when using the APA format. The Abstract guide will be asked to be included in some articles while other academic works won’t need that part. So be sure to know what every article needs. Otherwise, you are ready to go with the above guideline.

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