About Me

I love making money online and above all,I love giving back to those who need my help when it comes to working online.

I started working online about 9 years ago and through my Journey have cut across every niche,industry and sorts of online work and blogging being one of them,you are going to benefit  a lot from my insights,tips and guides to how to start your own blog.

Samwel Dollah

Anyone can blog and no one should believe that it cant be done,you need not to worry because on Kelance.com my soul objective is to make you understand what is needed to start,run and make profit out of your passion.

If you were looking for free guidance and mentorship to help you achieve your blogging goals,then here you go,you will learn the nitty gritties of blogging and  clear guidance to owning a blog.

Feel at home and ask any question you may have.


Samwel Dollah